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Are Press on Nails Right for You?

Interested in trying press on nails but not sure where to start? Keep reading to find out what to look for when purchasing your first set of press ons!

To salon or not to salon?

Do you love to have a fresh manicure? I know I do. I, personally, love trips to the nail salon. If I didn't I probably wouldn't have found myself in this business! ūü§£ One of my favorite things about nail art is that your nails can be an expression of your mood and¬†style without limitations! I love the ability to switch from loud and statement making nail art to classic and elegant in no time at all.¬†


If you are in an endless loop of waiting to make an appointment with your favorite nail tech, looking to minimize your excess spending on beauty treatments or struggling to carve out time in your busy day or week to get to the salon, press on nails might be right for you! 

Fashion models and celebrities have been using and loving press on nails for ages and its time you join in on the fun! Don't believe me? Check out the Versace inspired set J.Lo wore to ring in the new year in 2020! 

Press ons are a quick, no commitment way to change your nails and your mood! For more on the benefits, keep reading.

Benefits of press on nails:

  • Low to no commitment: you can apply a set of press on nails in a matter of minutes! Need a spruce up for a weekend event? No problem. Have an interview and want to look put together? Say less, sis.¬†
  • Explore and express your nail personality: you can rotate between a classic red, a soft baby boomer or neon nails with old¬†English lettering. Whatever suits your mood.¬†
  • There is a size, shape and style for everyone.¬†
  • Protect and support your natural nails: with proper prep, application and removal, press on nails can promote healthy natural nail growth.¬†
  • Affordable and reusable: press on nails typically cost less than a full set or a fill at the salon. That means you can go big with bling, glitters, charms and crystals and get more for your money. Or you can keep it simple and save on salon fees. Either way, your dollar will stretch further with press on nails. Additionally, with proper removal, most press on nails can be re-used. Score!¬†

Ok, so you give in, you're ready to buy some press on nails. First, welcome to the family. Second, let's help you figure out where to start! 

Store Bought or Professionally Made?

Store bought press ons, while super convenient, are a short term, low quality option. The nails we see in our local drugstores are typically made from colored plastic and decorated with low budget materials like plastic rhinestones that will dull and chip over time. 

Handmade press on nails like the ones sold by DoDoDoesNails are crafted from professional level products and promise longevity and durability that surpasses nails from the store. DoDoDoesNails uses products that you would find in top salons including: The Gel Bottle Inc, Young Nails, LuxaPolish, Exclusive Nail Couture and more! Additionally, I use genuine Swarovski crystals on my nails to ensure they have an unbeatable shine that lasts! 

While they are a bit more of a financial investment compared to the budget store bought nails, the cost per wear wins out compared to both store bought and salon nails! 

As you can see, press on nails are a great low commitment, high style option for your manicure needs! Take a look at our listings to find the perfect set to get you going! 

With ‚̧ԳŹ,


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